Sunday, 25 November 2012

Miracle fruit!

You'll be pleased to know that we have taken our second malaria pills today and it was not as traumatic as last week. The difference...

We dissolved one of these miracle fruit tablets in our mouths and then had some fun. The idea is that they disable the sour and bitter receptors on your tongue and so change the flavour of sour things to sweet. We ate a whole lemon and it tasted so good, like pure sugar. After this the malaria tablets were not so bad.
These would be great fun for a party. The effect lasts for about half an hour and so we also tried tomatoes (not much else left in the fridge!) . The box recommends kiwi fruit and grapefruit.

We have been practising our Spanish this week. Do you know  any Spanish?

Try and guess these animals..

La jirafa
El elefante
El leon
El canguro
El cebra
El delfin

Giraffe,elephant,lion,kangaroo,zebra,dolphin .....easy peasy!

This is a link to a fun website for learning Spanish.

This was our first blog on the iPad and it was so hard without a mouse.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

First (of many! ) malaria pills.

We have to take malaria tablets so we don't get really sick on our trip. If we get bitten by a mosquito that carries the disease this should stop us getting malaria.

The tablets were big and white and we had to swallow them. I sat with Flipper and Clever Bear who were going to help me.

First try.....


Second attempt we tried banana, third time we tried chocolate and fourth time we tried jam!

It was pretty funny really as every time we gagged into the toilet mum had to try and fish out the tablet to see if we had swallowed it. The first time we had forgotten to flush it!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Where exactly are we going?

Here is a map of our adventure. We hope to add to it as we travel. The map is a bit basic as we had too many places for each to be displayed.

We have listed the countries that we will be visiting and have included any information that we know already.

Panama - It has a famous canal. A canal is a fake river.

Costa Rica - There may be poison arrow frogs. We are going to see a volcano.
Nicaragua - They eat rice and beans.
Honduras - There are some ruins.
Belize - The sea looks blue and there will be a beach.
Mexico - We like Mexican food but not if it's really spicy.

So that's the list we don't really know that much but did you really know much more? 

If you have been to any of these countries and have any top tips we'd love to hear them.