Sunday, 4 November 2012

Where exactly are we going?

Here is a map of our adventure. We hope to add to it as we travel. The map is a bit basic as we had too many places for each to be displayed.

We have listed the countries that we will be visiting and have included any information that we know already.

Panama - It has a famous canal. A canal is a fake river.

Costa Rica - There may be poison arrow frogs. We are going to see a volcano.
Nicaragua - They eat rice and beans.
Honduras - There are some ruins.
Belize - The sea looks blue and there will be a beach.
Mexico - We like Mexican food but not if it's really spicy.

So that's the list we don't really know that much but did you really know much more? 

If you have been to any of these countries and have any top tips we'd love to hear them.


  1. Hi Oscar! I like your blog. I can't wait to hear about your adventures. We learnt about Mexico at school last year and we tried mexican food. From Betsy lou

  2. Hi Oscar and Lex, my name is Karin, I used to work with your dad and I helped with the research of your trip. By now, you are well on your way and I hope it goes smoothly and you'll enjoy all the places and different people you will meet. I've read about your blog about the dreaded malaria tablets and it made me laugh, but they are important to keep you healthy and when you take the next ones, just think of your favorite sweet...
    I can't wait for your next entry, following your journey - I'm very jealous. Lots of love to you two and your mum and dad, Karin