Saturday, 2 March 2013


Today we went snorkelling for the first time. We put the mask on and breathed through our mouth. Next we got into the water and swam was quite cold but the fish made it worth getting in. There was a lump of coral that was yellow. The fish were little yellow and black ones . There were also big yellow ones with a blue sparkly line down the sides. Me and Dad swam over to the buoy. Dad managed to dive down and collect some clam shells. I saw a fish that looked like a squid with a long nose. This was a great day but tomorrow is going to be better i think. We have booked a snorkelling trip and I am so excited.

Today was the best day so far on my trip. We went to the dock at 'Searious Adventures' where we were given flippers and masks. Oscar decided to use normal goggles.
First we went on the speedboat to Hol Chan Marine Reserve. (Channel in English) we stepped out into the freezing cold water and we were off. We had to swim with a buddy. I swam with the guide and with Dad. The first thing I saw was a massive 50 cm long fish. It had a big poppy eye and very sharp looking teeth. When I saw the coral I was amazed at the different kids and cours. The brain coral was yellow, the fan coral pink and the coral that looked like tentacles was a shade of brown. In Hol Chan I saw a few species of fish , coral, rays a moray eel AND a green turtle within touching distance. The turtle was the best animal I have ever seen as it was so close and so real. It was eating the sea grass then coming up to the surface to breathe every few minutes.
Next we went to Shark Ray Alley. We stopped the boat and suddenly the harmless nurse sharks stated swarming around the boat. Some of us jumped in the water and swam alongside the sharks and rays. The sharks were about two metres and the biggest ray about one metre. I had the chance to touch the ray. It was really smooth and slimy rather than rough like Dad had thought. The sharks and rays made this trip amazing. I loved it...and that's why this was the best day ever!

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