Saturday, 2 August 2014

A solar cooker

Cookies in the Solar Cooker!

The main idea is that a foil lid reflects sunlight focusing it into a black box.
I used a metal tin for my black box because I thought metal would heat up better than cardboard.
I put the tin in a cardboard box and filled the space between them with insulators. I use polystyrene chips. Make sure to seal up all the holes so no heat escapes. I used cling film to make a clear lid but as it heated up it collected condensation.
I left the box in the sun to heat up so that when I added the cookie dough they started to cook straight away. I could hear the dough sizzling as soon as I put it in.
When the sun moved around we had to keep moving the box to trap the sunlight.
It took at least 3 hours to cook the dough.
They tasted OK but the texture was weird.
We cooked the rest in the oven.

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