Thursday, 13 December 2012

Hot Springs!


Today I went to Spanish school. We learnt the days of the week and months of the year. After that we had a picnic with strawberries, grapes,Oreos and Pringles.

We climbed into the bus and a guide drove us away. The first thing he did was run out of petrol! We stopped to have a swim in a river with big fish. It was hot and we jumped off the rocks. There was a horse having a bath in the water. All the boys were throwing oranges at the girls.

Then we drove off to the hot springs. It was 40 degrees Celsius and smelt like rotten eggs. The pool was heated by volcanic heat. There were bubbles in the pool like a jacuzzi and we were a bit scared in case they were biting creatures. Afterwards we had to jump in the river to cool ourselves down.I covered myself in mud and threw some at Lex. There was a monkey that liked children. He was wild but was treated like a pet. The guide draped it round his neck.

We had a brilliant day out.

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  1. Glad your having lots of fun - its been very cold here but only a little bit of snow not much. After today only 5 more days of school woohoo!!! Will write again soon Kaitlyn & Lucy xxxx