Wednesday, 19 December 2012

White Water Rafting Adventure.

Oscar and Lex

We jumped out of the bus as we parked. When we put our helmets on I was wondering what they were for. There were three rafts and the red raft was ours. They were inflatable not wood, bumpy and soft. We wedged our foot in the side. Our family was the first to start and we were surprised when the we looked at the bottom of the raft and it wasn't sealed up. There were holes in it and when we went over a bump all the water rushed in.

The guide told us to paddle then stop in Spanish. Adelante and alto.

It's called white water rafting because when the water goes over the rocks it makes bubbles like a jacuzzi. I felt a bit scared when we went over our first rapid. (Oscar) Soon I was jumping off rocks though! It was much more fun than a roller coaster ride.

Along the way we saw a snake,sloth,monkey,vultures and a kingfisher.

When we stopped for lunch me and dad (Lex) floated down the river on our backs . It hurt our bottoms when we went over rocks. When we came out of the water the rocks were so hot on my feet I felt that I was walking on hot coals on a game show.

I (Oscar) made a sandcastle. It was smooth around the edges and the rocks were boiling.

When we landed on the shore and had some sodas me (Lex) and Dad went into the bushes and tried to pull some berries out of a tree. I didn't realise it was an ants nest until the ants were swarming all over my hand and biting me. I looked at my arm and it was like a scene from a scary horror movie.

Thanks to Boquete Outdoor Adventures for a fantastic day out.


  1. I hope the bites soon went down. It all sounds like a great adventure.

    1. Yep, those bites went down quickly but today lex has been bitten by a monkey!

  2. It sounds like you're having an amazing time!!! It's brilliant reading your blogs - thanks for letting us share your journey in this way!! Brandon & Karen xx

    1. Thanks for reading our blog. By the way how are the chickens?

  3. Love reading your blog boys. I will share it with Max and Ruby tomorrow as they are tucked up in bed right now. They are exhausted as they had a Christmas party at school today then Max had football and Ruby went round her friends house to play.
    The rafting sounds fab - right up my street. Scary to see holes in the bottom of the raft I bet. I hope your bites weren't too sore from the ants. Christmas is getting close. Are you getting excited? You'll be on your trek then so that should be good fun.
    I took Nanny and Popsey to Colchester today so they could catch a coach to London. They went to see War Horse. They spoke about you in the car and said they were so pleased to hear you are having such an exciting time.
    Look forward to your next blog boys. Take care Love Karen, Dan, Max and Ruby x x x x

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