Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bob the Builder!


Martes 8 th Enero

We woke up really early to have breakfast. It was scones. They were delicious with lots of butter.

After breakfast we were Bob the Builder except he doesn't build with animal dung, mud and straw!
First we had to dance in the dung to soften it. Then we added straw to make the mixture stronger and some water to stick it all together. We mixed it with our bare feet. It felt weird when it squelched between your toes.

We put the mixture in a bucket and Pablo carried it up the stairs. Our job was to poke the mixture into holes that had dried from last week. It will take two weeks to dry altogether. We were helping to build a house for people to stay in. The walls were made of wood with big gaps in between and we were using the mud to fill the space. To make the job quicker we also added Eco bricks. These were plastic bottles filled with rubbish. To make it look nice we added glass bottles and broken glass plates for windows. I liked the blue glass plate because it was the biggest. I think it will look nice when the sun shines through.

It really hurt when the mud dried on your fingers.

After that we went to town to get biscuits. Finally we played dominoes with Jose.

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  1. You are going to have so many new skills when you eventually come home. If I ever need to build a mud hut I will know who to ask for help!