Thursday, 24 January 2013

Ometepe Island

Martes 22 Enero


Ometepe Island is in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. We had to get on a ferry to get here. A man carried our bags on his head. We had to curl up really small as there was not enough space to sit down properly. We watched The Three Stooges on the TV, it was really funny. The boat rocked a lot and the waves crashed against the boat. Dad got wet as the water came inside. I felt really sick . It was really hot and hard to breathe. I liked it when someone opened the door and the water came in because there was also some wind. It was really crowded and noisy. When we arrived the taxi didn't arrive so Dad organised a ride. The suitcases had to hang out of the boot. The road stopped after half an hour and then it was a dirt track to the hotel. The hotel is called La Omaja and I really like it. I have met some other children and we play on the swing.

Miercoles 23 Enero

Today we hiked a mountain. First we had to fill our tummies so we had enough energy for the hike. I had French toast for breakfast. We climbed into the pick up truck and started to bounce along the road when suddenly a scorpion jumped on mums hand. We couldn't find it so we went the rest of the way in the back of the truck. It was really bumpy but fun. We had to hike for an hour . It was really sweaty and dusty. The waterfall was freezing. I moaned like Mona Lisa! The waterfall was really high and I couldn't see the top. On the way back I felt a bit grumpy but then all of a sudden I saw a snake. It was negro y amarillo ( black and yellow) . When we got to the end of the trail our guide picked us some fresh mandarins. They were delicious.

Jueves 24 Enero

Today we went to Ojo de Agua. First we drove up the bumpy road. I was surprised by the people's houses. They were made of cardboard, straw and metal. Some had pigs in them.
After that we went in the crystal clear spring water. It is supposed to have healing powers and make you younger. Then we had lunch next to the beach. I have never seen sand on a lake beach. Then we went to visit the petroglyphs. 3000 years ago people carved pictures into rocks because they had no paper nor pencils. They carved pictures of mummies and babies, scorpions, monkeys and calendars.

Viernes 25 Enero


Today we were really excited as we were going on a fishing trip. I had fished once before and knew what to do. When we reached the dock the boat was not there but we noticed another dock so me and mum walked to the other one just in case. When we got there we could see our boat back on the other dock, it had arrived while we were gone! We shouted across the bay and it really echoed our voices. When we eventually left the dock we had already cast our lines and were gently cruising along. When we reached Monkey Island we cast our lines again and waited. I was the first one to get a bite. It was a big fish but I didn't catch it. Unfortunately it took the lure and the next two as well. Next I tried proper fish as bait and it lasted the rest of the trip. I think I caught about three fish but they all got stuck in the rocks. I let the man have a go with my rod but he lost the bait. At the last moment our anchor got stuck in the rocks so we had to cut it off and attach a float and leave it there. After that we unfortunately had to go back to the dock but I really wanted to stay. I absolutely loved every little minute of this day.


  1. I guess your mum may get some inspiration from the petroglyphs for her glass work. I Like the word petroglyphs - it sounds like something from Indiana Jones films.

    1. Thanks for reading our blog Andrew. We love the movie Indiana Jones , bit bizarre but it was on the TV here yesterday in Spanish!

    2. Hi to you all ,you must be having an amazing time. Oscar I have seen a beach with a lake on Frazer island in Australia it was amazing .keep the blogs coming its great to se what you have been up too.

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