Monday, 25 February 2013

El Maestro Luchador - a first film review by Oscar

Yesterday in Managua we went to see El Maestro Luchador. This is the story of a man who risked his life for someone else's dream. When a head teacher cuts money for music Mr. Voss decides to help by being a fighter. The main character was Mr. Voss, a boring old teacher that changed to a cage fighter. A man called Nico helped him to learn the rules. Nico taught yoga and boxing. He was from Holland and studying to become an American citizen. The music teacher helped him train.
Music is very important in life. In the story he had rock music first to enter the ring because it was supposed to scare the opponent. The music made him seem powerful and strong. After a mistake he had calmer, more peaceful music that at the end the school orchestra played. I really liked the music and the film. I would give the film 9 out of 10 . I thought it was a bit violent.
I think I would like to learn an instrument now, perhaps the violin.

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