Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laguna de Apoyo

Tuesday 29th Enero


Today we went on a hike to Catarina. The hike took two hours. It was very steep, hard and rocky. Our feet hurt at e end.when we got to Catarina we had to get to the lookout point so we had to ask around to find out where it was. When we got to the mirador ( look out point) it was really windy. We found an ice cream shop and I had chocolate orange ice cream. It was dee-li-cious. When we were eating our ice creams we could see the rim of the crater and the lake that we had been swimming in. After that we looked around the shops. I bought another bracelet because my other one broke. Unfortunately we had to head back. We managed to get down to the beach and swim in tyres before tea.

Thursday 31 st Enero

Today we went kayaking it was brilliant. First I shared a kayak with mum and we kayaked a quarter of the way around the crater. When we got there I went for a little swim. The drop was really close so I threw a rock in it. The volcano didn't explode so that was ok! After that I had a go on my own. I could actually do it so mum walked along the shore and I kayaked.
After that Oscar made a fishing rod and we enjoyed playing with it.
Then some boys started to jump off the dock and we joined in.

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  1. Seeing you swimming reminded me that when Fleur's daddy (Pete) was your age he had an old coach tyre to play with in the sea just like you did here. His family lived in Teignmouth on the south coast of Devon and his grandad was a coach driver who supplied the old inner tube from his coach.