Friday, 24 May 2013

Back to school!

We have been home for over a month now and we have gradually settled back into normal life. 

 We have had loads of tests at school that have been really boring.

This week at school though was really fun. The school celebrated its 150th birthday. Everyone had to dress up in Victorian clothes for a day. My teacher was dressed in a black cape and a black hat. He was a bit scary. A visitor called 'The Butler' came to talk to us about being a servant in Victorian times. He used a flint to make a fire. They had to do this every morning to make hot water. One of my friends got to dress up in a posh coat and he had a cane walking stick that had a diamond on the top of it. 

One day we went to the church next door and all the parents got to hear our new school anthem. I helped to act out a story. I was the foolish builder and got to wear sunglasses.

We wrote notes about ourselves to put in a time capsule. It was really special paper that never crumbles.

The best activity of the week was the magician. He was weird. He made one of the girls float in the air. I was amazed. We also got to eat special cakes with our new school logo on. You could eat the paper.

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