Sunday, 9 June 2013


Since we have been home from Mexico Mum and Dad have become obsessed with eating guacamole. Guacamole is made from mashed up avocados. I don't like them that much though. The seeds are really big so I thought I'd try to plant one. 

You need a jam jar with a small opening and some cocktail sticks. I poked three sticks in the seed about half way down then used this to suspend the seed over water. I ran out of jam jars so used the tops of juice bottles to start some off. 

 Fill the jar up with water so the bottom of the seed sits in the water. Change the water every day.

After a few weeks I peeled the brown skin off the bottom of the seed. This seemed to work as the next day it started to grow a root.

I was really excited when the root started to show in the jar. Then the top started to crack and I could see a green shoot inside. I decided to plant it. I left half the seed out of the top of the soil.

This is an experiment. I have lots at different stages of growth in the kitchen.

Then I wanted to grow something else but needed a pot. I found some old dinosaurs that we found because we are clearing out for a boot sale and mum cut the tops off. I planted cress inside.

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