Thursday, 31 October 2013


I only burnt my fingers once, but it was worth it.
This is my model of the rocket that'll take the astronauts to mars.

I've been fascinated by the new mission to Mars - Mars One . The plan is to send people to Mars to set up a base camp. They will be constructing living pods and work areas. They will need to overcome many problems with the natural environment. For homework we were asked to create a model of the Mars Operation.

My mum has collected a giant bag of' 'rubbish'. I tipped it out and started sifting through it to find interesting shapes and sizes. I grabbed a fruit shoot lid and four wall plugs to create the booster rockets at the back.  I used two small lemonade bottles to create engines and a silicone sealant nozzle for the nose cone. A coat hanger created wings and a balanced base. If you look closely you might spot two plastic knives, buttons and pegs. 

Normal glue wasn't going to stick this junk together, I needed something with more kick! This is when my mum introduced me to the wonders of the glue gun! No more child friendly glue sticks! This weapon of 'construction' is hot, dangerous and a tad scary. You squeeze the trigger of doom and a molten stream of glue begins to pour out. You have to work quickly and safely as it solidifies at the speed of light! Unfortunately strings of sticky glue form at this point in the process and have the habit of burning fingers.

To finish off the rocket I had to spray the 'booster rockets' red and the rest silver. I used a cardboard box to protect the surroundings and sprayed it outside to protect my health!

I was on a roll so decided to create the new Mars One colony.

I created a pressurized dome out of cling film and chicken wire. This will withstand the increased pressure on Mars and also protect the astronauts from space debris.

This will also protect the astronauts from the temperature extremes. 

Inside I have created living spaces that are pumped with oxygen made from splitting water atoms. The water comes from Martian ice caps. Water will also be used to grow plants using hydroponics. I created the tress by cutting sponges into tree shapes and dipping them in paint.Then I used the left over sponge pieces to create moon rocks.

Electricity will be created using solar power and methane gas from human sewage. (This will also be put onto the plants as fertilizer). I used drinking straws to create the solar panels and pipes.

The carbon dioxide will be removed from the air by a CO2 scrubber that uses chemicals. I made all the pods and machinery using cake tubs and jelly pots sprayed silver.

I have loved using the glue gun and i have started to plan another model.

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