Thursday, 15 August 2013

The Life of a Penguin 3D


Today 14th August has been a day I always remember.    I was invited by my grandchildren, The Blogging Brothers, to join them at the Science Museum for a surprise.   Although I have been to the Natural History Museum many times I had never been to the Science Museum so this was indeed a treat in store for me. 

For me, the Space section was the best.   What tremendous advances have been made since Apollo 10 orbited the earth practising for a landing on the moon which was to take place two years later.   This was a really important exercise before the real thing.   In May 1969 I can remember Apollo 10 orbiting the moon and then  waiting for the capsule to land back on earth after  going through everything that would be required if a landing on the moon was to be successful .   What excitement there was in the household, everybody waiting around with baited breath, anxious  to hear or see on television that the astronauts  had landed safely back home.  Those few minutes of silence before they entered  the earth’s atmosphere seemed to be hours.   Would the astronauts  be safe after their long silence coming back to earth? Of course they were and  cheers of joy and relief  were heard all round the world this would indeed be a tremendous breakthrough for  space  exploration. This mission was a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11 which would actually land on the moon two years later.   To see the capsule used for this expedition was truly amazing.

However, the best was still to come.   Unbeknown to me we had been invited to see a special showing of David Attenborough’s ‘The Life of a Penguin‘ in 3D.   We had seats very near to the front and lo and behold who should appear but Sir David Attenborough himself, how lucky was I.    What an amazing and fortunate man, a man who was all too ready to point out that most of the hard and dangerous work for any of his documentaries was done by the film crew.  This film was made in South Georgia where extreme weather conditions are experienced and where the temperature can change rapidly in minutes to many degrees below zero, not a place to be camping out during filming!

What an amazing day and thank you Oscar and Lex for allowing me to share with you this wonderful experience.


Thank you Nan for that great guest post,we would like you to do more posts in the future. I would just like to add that my favorite parts were the ball machine in Launchpad and seeing Sir David Attenborough.

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