Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Energy Show at The Science Museum London

As we took our seats for The Energy Show we were a bit nervous as we saw strings of CAUTION tape directly in front of us. The set looked like a old broom cupboard sort of science lab. Lots of sheets were draped over things to give it an eerie effect in the dark. Suddenly a crazy looking person appeared out of breath at the top of the stairs. Meet Phil. Phil is a student , a bit of a pyromaniac, rather crazy and a big fan of Star Wars. She is joined by Annabella. Annabella loves lists, she 's boring and rather bossy. The two have to complete a presentation about the different types of energy to pass their exam.
Their presentation was chaotic and heaps of laughs. With the help of Bernard a mute lab assistant and I-nstein an animated character they blow up methane bubbles , turn flowers brittle with liquid nitrogen and perform Van Der Graf experiments. 

My favourite experiment ( Oscar) was blowing up balloons. I loved the noise it was really really hurt my mum's ears though.

My favourite experiment (Lex) was the exploding liquid nitrogen. The explosion was so big they had to hold it down with a tarp. I'd like to see it in the open without a cover. I also liked the references to Star Wars. Phil touched a old fluorescent light tube to a plasma ball to create a light sabre.

The finale was blasting hydrogen filled rockets into the audience. This was a fantastic show for kids. The science was a bit hard for 7 year olds but a good introduction to energy.

After the show we raced to make 3D glasses. We used blue and red acetate to make the lenses and then the 3D pictures came to life. 

Next we visited our favourite science museum exhibit - the ball machine. We like turning the wheels and using the pulleys. However it needs a bit of maintenance because the spiral seems to have worn away and the balls are escaping.
In the same gallery we enjoyed making electrical circuits, silhouettes and playing on the spinning machine until we were dizzy. 

We just had time to gorge on luxurious icecreams before heading to the 'atmosphere'gallery. We loved playing all the computer games. They were educational but fun as well. We learned about greenhouse gases and how to protect the environment. 
We had a great day and as we were heading out we heard the sound of a tuba. We looked closer and a man with a flaming tuba was playing along to a radio. It was crazy. 
We were a bit tired when we got home.

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