Saturday, 13 July 2013

Discover Arts Award

Today was the last day of my Arts Award course. It was the big exhibition at Firstsite the gold banana art gallery in Colchester. I've been coming to Firstsite for 10 weeks to complete my award.
My Jackson Pollock inspired cake
 We have learned about lots of artists and different types of art . For example Dadaism, poetry, animation, sculpture and cartoons. We had to do lots of homework every week. I found out about Andy Goldsworthy, Gaudi, and Jackson Pollock. I made a cake for everyone inspired by his splodge pictures. 

My favourite part was making Mr Horny , my superhero, out of clay for the animation. We also had to fill in a sketch book. 

 I'm really looking forward to doing my Explore Award next.

There are lots of activities for children over the summer holidays at Firstsite including films to watch at a private theatre. The seats were really comfy.

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